The Anime-athon

Episode 4

Episode 4: Things Get Toooooo Real...(Helsing Ultimate)

[TPwn] AlecTheDurdle published on

AHHHHH!! RUN AND HIDE!!  Things get crazy this week as Alec and Ali walk away feeling crazy and disturbed by Episodes 6 and 7 of Helsing Ultimate.  Topics of discussion include: Anime Santa bringing us gifts, Forgetting character names all over the place, To what degree Ali notices bewbs, and the total distruction of the line.  The Anime-athon is a proud member of the Nerd Archetype Network!  Find other great shows and content at  Follow the show on Twitter: @theAnimeathon.  Send us an email:  Visit our website:  Follow Ali on Twitter: @lunalove624.  Follow Alec on Twitter: @alecthedurdle.

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