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Episode 12

"Alone you have a story. Together we have a voice." - how a Russian orphan is bringing healing to the world

Kera Marie published on

Oleg Lougheed was born into the world with all the odds stacked against him.  His mother was an alcoholic and he never knew his father.  There were days that he stole food to survive and nights that he slept on the street. At nine years old he entered the orphanage in hopes of finding a better life.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Oleg as the empowed adult, offering resources and hope wthin the adoption/ foster community as the founder of Overcoming Odds. The experiences of that orphan boy in Russia shaped him but he has not let those experiences define who he is as a person.  He is truely an exaple of one who is using his hardships to bring healing to himself and others.  He offers insights and tools from his own experiences that apply to all of us in our common human stuggle, whatever it may be.  May we all find our voice and learn to stand in our truth.  

Check out his articles and events at:

Are you an orphan or want to educate your empathy on the subject?  Oleg interviews fellow orphans on his podcast:



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