The Ariadne Project-tools to slay your demons and escape the labyrinth
Episode 6

Chopping down the tree of Destructive Behaviors at the roots of Detrimental Beliefs

Kera Marie published on

Paul Vernon found himself alone, and unemployed on the streets of Houston, Texas.  He had become complacent and comfortable in alcoholism and homelessness as a way of numbing out everything.  At a certain point he realized that his world had narrowed down to two options- to either continue down a path of self- destruction or change.  Paul chose change.  

Follow Paul on a journey of recovering his true self as he discovers the internal roots of the external behaviors.  Paul makes a profound distinction between abstaining and true sobriety.  Learn how practices of self- care and compassion taught him how to love himself and build a relationship with his Higher Power.  No matter what our hurts and hang ups are in life, most can be traced back to detrimental beliefs we formed as children.  Paul teaches us that what we learned can also be unlearned and replaced with new lessons that empower and enrich our lives.  

The program and community that Paul found in Serenity Star was a turning point in his life.  Check out the amazing work that they are doing!

Paul seeks to build community and support through his service work and outreach.  This was his first post after being reborn into the world with true sobriety. out

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