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Episode 10

Communication Upgrade! - developing empathy and awareness

Kera Marie published on

Have you ever been in a conversation with a loved one and realized that even though you are speaking the same language, that something is still getting lost in translation?  We all have experienced that breakdown in communication that prevents us from really connecting with others and Gene Hsu comes to equip us with these Essential Soft Skills That Matter (ESSTM)

Gene specializes in teaching businesspeople cross-cultural communication techniques, and shows us how empathy and awareness can be developed in order to improve our interpersonal relationships as well.  Gene shares his own learning process and how adjusting his Attitude, Mindset and Approach (his AMA Vales) dramatincally improved communication with his wife and saved them from arguments and disconnect. If you are ready to lay down your assumptions and get down to really understanding those you love most, join us as we add another skill to your toolbox. 

Check out what Gene writes on Holistic Intelligence

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More great insights like this one, "Bias vs Opinion" on his youtube channel.

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