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Episode 16

Coping with Depression- session 3/6 with Tania Tuck

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Tania Tuck is an Emotional Wellness coach and we are recording a collaborative series to address common stressors. We have a shared desire to giving our audience actionable steps for actually improving our lives. Today we talk about depression and Tania teaches how the Universal Law of Equilibrium can help us balance our perspective.  The answers to these kinds of questions gets down to the root of the core beliefs that have shaped our personal identities.  And as an Empowerment Artist, I help my clients challenge detrimental beliefs and re-frame the experiences that created them in order to  create a personalized "visual mantra" for them. This podcast is all about creating a community and finding our common humanity through our common struggle.  Tania and I hope to show you that there are tools, there is hope and nobody need struggle alone.  

The following episodes will cover one of these common stressors at a time with specific tools for addressing them.  We will be taking comments and questions here and on both of our FB pages and the top question will be answered at the start of the next episode.  At the end of the series we are hosting a live Q&A webinar where you can directly ask Tania how these subjects affect your own life.  (These are the kinds of resources Tania offers her clients and she will be making this opportunity available for free!)   Join us next session discussing anxiety and fear. 

Want to know how a "visual mantra" can help you become the hero of your own story?  Contact me at with "Empowered Visual" in the subject line to set up a call.  

Want to be contacted to be part of our Webinar at the end of the series? go to: and say 'podcast webinar' in the subject line.   

Post your questions to :    AND/OR

Interested in coaching?  Check out Tania's services at

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