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Episode 14

Dealing with Stress- session 1/6 with Tania Tuck

Kera Marie published on

Tania and I met at a conference supporting those touched by adoption- Tania was attending as an Emotional Wellness Coach and as an adoptee herself and I was there to educate my empathy on the subject.  As soon as I saw the kind of healing work Tania does in her coaching, I knew I had to have her on The Ariadne Project!  She shared her journey of "finding perfection in her story," how our values and priorities are develope and how this awaress can improve all of our human dynamics.  We relaized that we had even more overlap in our interests than a single episode could cover.  Her background in teaching and my role as an Empowerment Artist (and the entire purpose behind this podcast!) has made us both passionate about providing our audience with actionable steps to create positive change in our lives.  So we decided to colaborate for a series!

I have now experienced some of Tania's coaching and it has given me insights and a few more pieces of my puzzel.  It reiterated to me how universal the human experience truly is.  We all experience stressors such as shame, depression, anxiety, and fear.  It only varies by degrees.  These are the very subjects that Tania has coached hundreds of clients from around the globe on. 

In this first of the series, we are addressing stress itself.  The following episodes will cover one of these common stressors at a time with specific tools for addressing them.  We will be taking commnets and questions here and on both of our FB pages and the top question will be answered at the start of the next episode.  At the end of the series we are hosting a live Q&A webinar where you can directly ask Tania how these subjects affect your own life.  (These are the kinds of resources Tania offers her clients and she will be making this opportunity available for free!)   

Want to be contacted to be part of our Webinar at the end of the series? go to: and say 'podcast webinar' in the subject line.  

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