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Episode 3

"Eat some strawberries" and "be happy" -prioritizing stress, challenging fears, and coping with anxiety and self-harm

Kera Marie published on

One early July morning, Shaileigh McEwen found herself deep in the wilderness of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains. She didn't have a phone, and she hadn't been able to keep any food worth mentioning down for the last 48 hours and she was starting to see spots.  13 more arduous miles up the side of that mountain stood between Shai and the closest thing she could call to civilization in the last 3 months.  She was sick and weak.  And she was excited and determined!  How did Costa Rica, dancing the Nae Nae, and discovering her own emotional internal workings culminate in this particular moment in her life?  Walk this path with us as Shai shares her story and and learn from the life lessons that she has taken to heart.  "Eat some strawberries" and "be happy!"

Watch Shai challenge her comfort zone as she dances the Nae Nae

This is a pic of Shai and her Backcountry Trails team

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