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Episode 17

Fear and Anxiety- session 4/6 with Tania Tuck

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"What would I do if I wasn't afraid?"  Answering this question lead me to some surprising self-realizations.  I am pretty adventurous and take pride in challenge myself (cage diving with Great White sharks, own a 6 " boa constrictor and started my art business and a podcast!)  But emotional fears have actually been my taskmaster most of my life, deciding my career path, the relationships I have been in, my dynamic with money... 

In this session with Emotional Wellness Coach, Tania Tuck we discuss fear and anxiety. Each week we are looking into common stressors of the human experience and proving you tools to overcome them.  Fear is a feedback mechanism from our body that is intended to keep us safe.  But our powerful human imagination can often hijack that sensation and keep us stuck in a suspended state of fear.  Tania explains the Universal Law of Conservation and how this knowledge allows us to both listen to the wisdom of our body while avoiding spinning out over all the "what if's." The unhealthy kind of FEAR stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real."  Am I being triggered by a past memory that is no longer my current reality?  Am I fearing loss?  Or of something bad happening?  Tania shows us that focusing on being present allows us to drop what is being imagined.  

The following episodes will cover one of these common stressors at a time with specific tools for addressing them.  We will be taking comments and questions here and on both of our FB pages and the top question will be answered at the start of the next episode.  At the end of the series we are hosting a live Q&A webinar where you can directly ask Tania how these subjects affect your own life.  (These are the kinds of resources Tania offers her clients and she will be making this opportunity available for free!)   Join us next session discussing addictive/ escaping behaviors. 

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