The Ariadne Project-tools to slay your demons and escape the labyrinth
Episode 13

"Finding perfection in your story" -using the bricks of the labyrinth to build our own road

Kera Marie published on

It was at her own 30th birthday party that Tania looked around her world and realized that none of the people there represented who she actually was.  These people didn't really know her as her whole self because she hadn't really aknowledged her whole self before even to herself.   "Who am I?"  That question lead her on a journey of discovery, learning to be authentic and making the hard breaks with what wasn't in alignment.  But Tania doesn't believe that she is now living a full life despite her history, but actually because of it.  Her divorce, being a single mom, and leaving a career are just as important as finding her life's work, building a wonderful marriage and tradmarking her Spectum of Wisfdom Process (SOW).

Tania shares her insights as an Emotional Wellness Coach, and a Demartini Method facilitator to help us learn how to aknowledge our own personal tuths, values and needs and how to be authentic in our all of our human dynamics.  She helps us see how even the most negative pieces of our history give us the opportunity for pesonal expansion and for learning empathy.  The bricks of the labyrinth that were once a barrier can now be used to build our own road.

Tania and her husband, Dave Tuck, (who is also a coach) have founded a wholistic wellness and counceling center with individual coaching as well as workshops and retreats.

Want coaching? Tania is offering free, first consults.  "Please go to the "contact us" and book an initial consultation so together we can find out what is needed and work a potential plan for you. Everyone is so unique this is not cookie cutter."

Tania is utilizing her specialized empathy as an adoptee to mentor those with this background and is currently writing the book, "The Enigma of YOU."  Links and details to come!


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