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Episode 4

Ice cubes and Oracle cards: Rising above the chaos of the situation with the alcoholic you love.

Kera Marie published on

Stephanie McAliffe worked on Wall Street.  She was anxious, wound up  and isolated.  Her husband was in rehab and she felt the stigma associated living with an alcoholic.  Despite her efforts to break the family patterns, she was now the 4th generation of women who had grown up with and lived with alcoholics. In some ways it is hard for me to believe that this is where my serene and empowered friend, Stephanie came from.  I know her as Anjel and she truly is an angel to me and the women she servers.  I see the person who has been shaped by these experiences. But what do ice cubes, finding her pain threshold, and Oracle cards have to do with her journey to becoming the speaker, author and healer that I know her as?

Check out her new book!  The Message in the Bottle: Finding Hope and Peace Amidst the Chaos of Living with an Alcoholic

For women lookng to join her closed support group on FB

Check out the Oracle cards from the live reading Stephanie did for me!

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