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Episode 20

It isn't Masculine vs. Feminine. It is About Finding the Spectrum of our Humanity.

Kera Marie published on

Intellect vs. emotions.  Power vs. compassion.  Logic vs. Intuition. These traits typically are gendered as being masculine and feminine respectively, a distinction between the mind and body.  But what if these distinctions are merely a case of cultural pigeon holing?  False dualities? What if these traits actually represent the spectrum of our individual humanity and aren't competing or contradicting at all?  Welcome to the work of Melanie Klein.

Melanie is a professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, an Empowerment Coach,  author, speaker and mother.  She explains why emotions, women's studies and these "feminine" traits are so important to both men and women as we exist in our current social structure. She shares her own journey of rediscovery and reintegrating.  For a long time she had abandoned many of her "feminine" traits in favor of academic and driven focus but felt isolated and incomplete.  When had she lost the courageous little girl that she once was?  Though sociology and feminism, yoga and mindfulness, Melanie was able to remarry the competing aspects of herself only to discover that all those traits could actually exist within her.  By fully embracing the full spectrum of herself as an integrated being, she continues a chain of mentorship and intergenerational bonds, creating awareness and possibility for what we individually and culturally can be. 

Need some mentoring?  Contact Melanie on her website at

Check out Melanie's work in visibility and representing diversity in the world of yoga and body image!  

Yoga and Body Image Coalition:   #whatayogilookslike

Her newest book, "Yoga Rising" can be found at   

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