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Episode 15

Overcoming Shame and Guilt- session 2/6 with Tania Tuck

Kera Marie published on

Returning once again with Emotional Wellness coach, Tania Tuck for the second session of our collaborative series!  

Part of the human experience is encounterig various kinds of stressors in varying degrees.  (See session 1 on Stress itself).  Today we talk about shame and guilt and how the Universal Law of Polarity can help us gain new perspective and help us cope.

The following episodes will cover one of these common stressors at a time with specific tools for addressing them.  We will be taking commnets and questions here and on both of our FB pages and the top question will be answered at the start of the next episode.  At the end of the series we are hosting a live Q&A webinar where you can directly ask Tania how these subjects affect your own life.  (These are the kinds of resources Tania offers her clients and she will be making this opportunity available for free!   Join us next session discussing depression. 

Want to be contacted to be part of our Webinar at the end of the series? go to: and say 'podcast webinar' in the subject line.   

Post your questions to :    AND/OR

Interested in coaching?  Check out Tania's services at

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