The Auto Committee
Episode 1

Introductions and Auto Show Season

The Auto Committee published on

On the first episode of The Auto Committee podcast we talk about the exciting cars at the Geneva and Chicago Auto Shows and the increasing performance craze at the Ford Motor Company. Also, we discuss some trending performance crossovers.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Congrats on your first automotive podcast... Cool show ....and enjoyed your discussion although I'm on my third new corvette and daily drive them the NY metro area...just put snow tires on and go.....the day after any storm. Never a problem... GM makes these things to blow through 3 ft snow banks...

    Great cars and mine has 95k miles in it now. Use it and lose it's a great car to drive. Had everyday drivers in the past and one day I was selling my mint low mileage c5 z51 for about half what I paid for it...I was like wtf...that the dumbest thing ....just use the next vetted and party every day...

    Good show and fwiw...when you get a yourself a sports taking the kid for long rides will win big bonus points with the kids new mom....letting her sleep late on Sunday mornings as you cruise with the little kid in the car seat....

    You d be surprised how much a new mom digs corvettes or any sports car after her first Sunday relaxing alone in the house while you are driving with the kid...

    As long as you got the coin for the car....if your tight...get a booster s or a corvette ... Gm validates these cars for 300k miles so their upkeep is really inexpensive...

    Life after baby doesn't end and that includes two seater.s

    Just get a sports car that repairs and maintance wont break the bank....nothing blows more than expensive repairs ..American cars repairs are much less expensive to it's less of a headache...

    If you go for a boxster s like the guys on driving while awesome podcast ...just find an independent shop to work on your German sports car.

    Great show you guys....thanks for the fine effort..

  • The Auto Committee

    Appreciate the feedback Jonathan! Very interesting to hear from somehow who dailies their sports car. Anything you would like to hear us talk about in our next podcast?

  • Jonathan Brown

    You guys did a great launch show....where is the second podcast?

    Hope you are having fun planning your next show

  • The Auto Committee

    Coming tomorrow Jon, thanks for the interest.