The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast

Episode 31

Become a better decision maker to significantly impact your performance with Chuck Wachendorfer, President of Think2Perform!

Awesome Mike Baker published on

This Episode with Chuck was really fun, lots of value plus some neat trips for me down memory lane.  Here are some show notes from the Episode:

"Simply put, while our goals may consist of our personal aspirations, we don't typically achieve our goals alone."

“Decision making has twice the impact on performance than talent and skill combined.”

“We deal with the whole person.”  “Wherever you go, there you are… We help tap into more of their potential both in the office and at home.”

“In order for me to build a great relationship with you, the person I really have to pay attention to is me..””By Improving my self awareness and me knowing my values, I become a better decision maker, and that significantly impacts my performance.”

“Our Vision at Think2Perform is to enhance the world by improving the decision making performance of the individual and organizations we touch..” 

3 buckets: 

1 - what I can control…my own behavior

2 - what I can influence

3 - what I can’t control

Successful people focus on bucket 1, failures focus on bucket 3…why did this happen to me attitude..

Comfortable and confident, so they go sell my product..

“Companies grow by developing and retaining people, not simply by recruiting.”

Align my real self with my ideal self..

The Next Time You Feel Stressed, Say “Freeze, for Success!” “What am I thinking and doing right now?”

Freeze alert, send email to to set up a freeze alerts..  also called a pause for cause.. “What am I thinking, feeling, and doing?

Would give advice to his 30 year old self to take better care of his life and family outside of work.

Superpower would be to go back and fix his mistakes…”Eraser Man!”

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