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I entered the financial industry in 1999 right after college graduation. I worked in marketing and recruiting for a large FMO, an investment advisor at a bank and a MDRT financial advisor. In 2006, I started working as a scheduling assistant/virtual assistant for a REIT firm that was new to the REIT scene. No one had heard of the company, let alone the product or my wholesaler. Do you know many times people asked, "What's a rate?" I kindly repeated the word REIT and explained to them what that word stood for. After two years the company was coming to me to train all of the other schedulers and I realized that there was a great need for highly skilled, highly trained scheduling assistants. I wanted to help more people and create more impact. 

In 2009, I decided to start my own business and Elite Scheduling Services (Elite) was born. I offer specialized scheduling services to wholesalers, financial advisors and other financial professionals in the investment industry. It is a niche market that I had been in for several years and so I've been fortunate enough of be able to recruit some of the top scheduling and virtual assistants in the industry.  I continue researching the industry and am always sharing with the 60 assistants on my team what's working, what's not working, the best way to get through the gatekeepers, the best ways to maximize their time and their efforts, and the best ways to help our clients become the best in the industry.

As my business really began to take off we starting offering virtual assistant services to financial advisors. The industry is ever changing, and with technology - virtual services are an excellent alternative to hiring full-time, in-house staff. We are able to work with clients and investment firms and allow our clients to do what they do best ... sell!

Our growth has been tremendous and we feel truly blessed. Our hard work, motivation and spirit has definitely paid off but we aren’t done yet! We want to continue to build long-term relationships and help our client move mountains!

Danae Branson, Founder

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