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**Sneak Peek!!** Next time on the Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast:

The techniques that Dave exposes and reveals are the same ones I’ve personally used to sell more than a million dollars from the stage each year as a speaker”- Dan Kennedy ? Get Dave’s “Webinars That Sell” Crash Course for free by visiting ?? ? In a world of self-proclaimed gurus, Dave Dee is somebody who has spent over fifteen years helping entrepreneurs sell more of their products and services in either one-to-one sales situations or webinars or in-person, group presentations.

Before he was considered a World Class Speaker, Webinar Selling Expert and Trusted Advisor to some of the biggest names in the world of marketing, Dave was a struggling magician doing only three shows a month and deeply in debt. Using the principles of direct-response marketing and one-to-many selling, Dave managed to turn his business around and went from three shows doing over twenty-five shows a month. He has since gone-on to teach these timeless principles to thousands of people while creating a webinar that was responsible for over 1.5 million dollar in sales and ran continously for two straight years. 

Dave's overall mission though goes beyond helping business owners sell more stuff or even make more money. He’s determined to help motivated, hard-working business owners have the business and life of their dreams so they are fulfilled and happy. 

To learn more about working with Dave and receive free access to his “Webinars That Sell” Crash Course, visit

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