The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast

Episode 75

"Everything Starts with Goals!" with Brad Blazar

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Entrepreneur, Effective Sales Leader, Performance Coach, Author of On the Wings of Eagles; Learning to Soar in Life, and The Creator and Host of the Learn to Soar Network.

Brad is the founder of Beliefology™ - “Believing that you have the power to change your beliefs and your future.”

  • Origin Story: Started from the bottom? Grosse Pointe?? Lol

    • Brad Earned His BBA in Finance from Texas State University where He was active in the Alpha Chi (Sorority!! LOL) National Honor Society.  He also studied Architecture at The University of Miami and the University of Texas in Austin, TX.

    • While attending the University of Miami, at the same time Olympic Gold Medal diver Greg Louganis was there, he would watch as Greg would visualize each dive in his mind prior to actually performing it. It was at this time Brad's interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) developed as he studied top athletes he met over the years.

    • First Wholesaling Job was RVP for ING in 1998.  Nick Murray says that we don’t know how we ended up here, there is no career path to become an investment wholesaler...How did you get into the business?

  • Current Business Focus - Learn to Soar Network

    • The Art of Beliefology ™ What is it? Why trademark it?

    • Author of On the Wings of Eagles Book - “Learning to Soar in Life”

      • Another Book in the works?

    • “In order to reach a higher level of success, we often have to do things that make us uncomfortable. Becoming a BEAST is all about transformation. It's about realizing that by changing your beliefs and creating new habits you can move forward - overcoming the limiting beliefs and self-doubt holding you back. What things are you doing today so you can have better tomorrows?”

      • Build a Beast 1:1 Coaching Program

      • Two most powerful words: “I am” in the beginning of an affirmations...

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