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Episode 22

Exposing those "Financial Entertainers" with Rob Welsh

Awesome Mike Baker published on

Former US Marine

Financial Advisor

Empowering Athletes to know how money works and where to save, instead of just allowing someone to take the money and trust them. Since taxes are paid where the game is played, athletes can lose over 1/2 of their income due to being a W-2 employee. We can show Athletes and their sports agents how to keep their money and protect it. 

In addition to money we have a Life During and After Sports Program allowing the transition to be seamless as well as very lucrative.

If you’re an athlete and want more information, you can reach out at or call. We also have former professional athletes that are part of the movement to bring change and empower other athletes. Learn what funds the leagues have and how much you should save in each if any. If you just want to talk and have advice at no cost, feel free to call or email me.

If you’re a Sports Agent and want to compete at a higher level through education and being able to help your clients keep their money instead of 1/2 going away in taxes, reach out to me. 

Due to the staggering statistics of professional athletes going broke early in retirement and the need for outside income during the off season, we have created a platform to bring financial education to athlete's starting as early as college. 

The Education Platform called "Athletes Empowerment Alliance will cover the following: 
(For College Junior & Seniors - Taught by current and former players in their regions)
*Pay Structure
*Financial Literacy
*What to expect coming out of school
*How to pick an agent
*What to look for in an agent
*What to avoid
*When do you need representation
*How to beat the statistics

(Current Players Program)
*Financial Literacy
*Life Beyond Sports program

If you're a current or former Professional Athlete and would like to get involved in our movement to empower and bring change, contact me at:

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