The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast

Episode 38

From the Uncomfortable Truth to The Writing on the Wall, Experience The Million Dollar Maverick, Alan Weiss, PhD.

Awesome Mike Baker published on

Hello everyone and Thanks for tuning in, today on the show we have a very special guest, The Million Dollar Maverick himself, Mr. Alan Weiss PhD.

  • Alan is a New York Times Best Selling Author and has written 63 books that have been published in a dozen languages, He has written more books on consulting than anyone else, Period.  

  • Mr. Weiss is a thought leader on solo practice consulting, training, coaching, and facilitating.

  • His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world. He also Leads the Million Dollar Consulting® College, the By Invitation Only Club, Six Figures to Seven Workshops, and the Thought Leadership Conference.

  • Alan Regularly appears in all media outlets with his monthly video, “The Writing on the Wall” which currently features Bentley, The Wonder Dog and He also produces a weekly podcast.

  • Mr Weiss is a Frequent executive-level keynote speaker, regularly presents in London UK, Sydney Australia, as well as several major cities across the United States.

  • He has created the Strongest independent consulting brand in the world, represented by his 25-year best-seller, "Million Dollar Consulting," (which is now in its fifth edition) along with his Global coaching program for high achievers and aspiring entrepreneurs which he calls “The Private Roster Mentor Program.

  • Mr. Weiss’s Specialties include: Keynote speaking, organizational development consulting, entrepreneurialism, coaching, counseling, mentoring, major change initiatives, self-esteem development, and positive psychology development.

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