The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast

Episode 28

"Golden Advice from The Golden Bear" with Jim Caldwell of Carson Wealth Management Group

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Carson Wealth management:

Favorite quote: You are either getting better or getting worse, but you are never staying the same.

Language Acumen:

    B word is “busy,” prohibited… it’s more like we are consumed, or engrossed in something.. If you use the Busy word

    F word: We use the F word all the time around the office, in our world is fiduciary.  

“What’s your value proposition? What makes you stand out from someone else?  You have to establish that, but you do it with your ears not with your mouth…”

 “Over the years, the people that I’ve done business with were my friends, People I wanted to hang out with.”  You’re never gonna have the perfect product.  A lot of wholesalers go in and try to be THE guy, “call me for all your ___ business, and that’s just not going to fly…”

Time with Woody Hayes: “You win with People.”  Woody was a history professor and he taught classes… “This world is full of people and you need to figure out a way to get along with them…”

**Old dogs welcomed Jim to his first job… “Look at the Golden Bear…"

Jim’s EMSR: start early, take care of health and fitness first, beat the clients up and beat the competition up too…you won’t catch me up past 9pm though…lol

Successful people do what other people won’t do when they won’t do it…

I don’t like “silly TV” and never watch the nightly news…. Too negative…will never watch it again..

8 week fitness challenge makes him execute his fitness plan…

“It doesn’t matter how much money they have with us, they’re all human beings they’re all counting on us,  right?”

“You are going to have to change the way you’re doing business and it’s going to have to be by having a relationship based on advice, not on a product basis…non product conversations..”

The Golden Rule from The Golden Bear… “If wholesalers are going to get into our door they need to add value to what we’re doing everyday and not on a product basis…”

Advice to 40yr old self: “Knowledge is Power, you’re always going to be learning so you better have a strategy to understand the past, present, and future… I would say the CFP designation is a real plus, it separates you… Number 2, develop a Success Routine! Number 3, find a Lou Holtz or Walter Bond video and listen to what they say on a regular basis..

Superpower: That’s a tough question, because I feel like I’m the ultimate team guy… I always wanted to dunk a basketball, and play Major League Baseball…I grew up watching the Cinci Red’s, I had the work ethic just not enough ability… I would go back and play 15 years of MLB…

Next chapter for Jim:  Everybody wants to grow AUM..I want to grow it with the correct households..being much more selective on who I bring on as a new client..

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