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Episode 32

Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales, Best Selling Author and Sales Guru

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Jeffrey Gitomer Show Notes

The Fax back built Jeffrey’s business for 4-5 years…

14:18:48 - rolling start…

14:19:26 - where do you live?  In Detroit - Where no one lives, isn’t Dan Gilbert the Dick that never put a team around Lebron James

14:20.   (1:47) But Dan Gilbert is still a Dick.

14:21:34 (2:47)Go Up town or Downtown to John King used books, the best used book store in America (ask for (Deb) John King tell him I know Jeffrey Gitomer)

5:20 - Sell or Die is at 100k downloads per/month pitch: Send email to

Qoute  8:11 - “The Bottom Line is that podcasting will be the new launch for at least the next 5 or 6 years.  All of the sudden, peoples blogs are not as import once podcasting took over. The main reason is that people have time to listen while they’re traveling or watch while they’re traveling and it’s not always possible to read while they’re traveling.”

10:14 - Tuesday morning Sales Caffeine Ezine is where I discovered Jeffrey… He says that… “We collected email names in days when you could collect them and I would just send out my weekly column and then one day I said, “Hey let’s try and sell something” and we got $10,000 one Tuesday morning out of the blue…”

11:50 - I think its a combination of things.  If you are looking to make a mark you can’t rely on a single platform.  There has to be several social media channels and there also has to be a podcast because people want to see who you are and if you’re full of shit or not… “It’s still a matter of content, no matter what platform you’re on, no matter what you are trying to do, content will drive one person to tell another…”

16:19 - Yes I love to sell, but if I don’t love what I’m selling, something’s drastically wrong.

17:47 - What would you rather have; loyalty or satisfaction?  “Loyalty is totally possible without having satisfaction.”

26:25 - “I’m tired of getting emails telling me to have my best year ever!” Dude…STFU!  “What’s Now, What’s New, and What’s Next.” From the Sales Manifesto…how to have your best decade ever…

31:46 - “It’s an evolutionary thing for sure.  Minimum wage thing…is a joke.  If you make $10/hr you have 100% certainty of your job being replaced by a robot..”

34:02 - 36:49 Jeffrey on “compliance rules.” Don’t talk about your product, talk about how to live a better life, etc.

36:50 Jeffrey on Being Yourself: neckties strangle clear thinking.  I speak street..

42:40 - Jeffrey’s morning routine - Wake up; read, write, prepare, think and create.  Full Detailed in Sales Manifesto..

47:50 - “I’m Human, everyone’s human.  The question is, “how do you discipline yourself?”  Not just discipline of not drinking, but discipline of not watching stupid things.  Have your guys ask themselves, “Will what I’m watching double my income?”  If not, then find something better to do with those few hours then…”

54:06 - I think that I’m going to focus on legacy so I can help people even after I’m dead..

56:02 - “People that say they’re burnt out probably don’t love what they do.”

Advice to younger self.  Have better self discipline, because at 30 you’re still wild, still a moth looking for the light.

Superpower of choice is to look at the powers of Superman and want to be able to leap rather than wait for the elevator and protect people that need protection.

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