The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast

Episode 5

"Relentlessly Curious" with Susie Baity

Awesome Mike Baker published on

Ladies and Gentlemen I am thrilled to have with us on the show today someone very special to me, Ms. Susie Stearns.  Currently Susie owns and operates Sapient Daisy (very cool name, btw) where she designs, produces, and services “Lovely WordPress Sites for Amazing Small Business and Non-Profits.”

Prior to Creating Sapient Daisy Susie has established quite a track record of business development skill, performance, and success ranging from her work as an Office Manager and Registered planning assistant to Internal and External wholesaler.  Susie has enjoyed a virtual and sometimes actual ticker-tape parade celebrating her many successes and victories, a few of which I have personally been fortunate to witness and participate in.

But it’s not all just about the money with Susie.  In addition to her time making it rain for corporate America small and large, Susie found time to perform as Volunteer Coordinator and Chef Liaison at Selma Cafe, where she recruited and trained volunteers for weekly breakfast event to raise awareness of local food and family farming issues.

Alumna Financial Advisor for the Delta Delta Delta Sorority (Tri-Delts), where she developed policies and controls for the sorority with a $500,000 budget.  Also trained and mentored Undergraduate Officers.

Susie has raised two outstanding young adults of her own and has been a friend and mentor to many people on her journey.  Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in welcoming to The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast, my friend, Susie Baity.

Ok, so all those accolades and do you know what you did that is most near and dear to my heart?  Peets coffee, toilet wipes and Korean toilets!!?

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