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Episode 29

"The Experience Economy is Not about Best Practices, It's about Best Principles" Episode #29 with Dennis Moseley-Williams

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Dennis Moseley-Williams is a Canadian Entreprenuer providing consulting to business owners, mostly financial services types.  He is the author of Serious Shift and The Experience Economy, both terrifice books stuffed with cutting edge, forward thinking concepts and strategies for success in business and in life.  You can find him on LinkedIn at, Facebook at Dennis Moseley-Williams Strategic Consulting, or on the twitter(his favorite place) at        @moseleywilliams.

I connected with Dennis on LinkedIn first after reading some of his posts about Creating a Serious Shift and The Experience Economy.  He delivered some great insight on both and I think it is on point for financial advisors, wholesalers, and really everyone who wants to get more out of life and business.

The Episode was fun to record and we could have went on for hours with Dennis moving effortlessly from one Awesome point to the next, delivering TONS of value and takeaways that I hope you will enjoy and find as useful as I have.

Thanks for listening to the podcast and If you liked the episode, please let Dennis know as well as leaving a 5 star review, sharing the episode and liking, if that's not too much trouble to ask, thanks in advance :)

Be Awesome!


PS - Here are some show notes for you...enjoy!

Dennis Moseley-Williams AWE Podcast notes

  1. “You Need a Shift, You Need to Get Rid of “Old Code,” You Have to Fully Embrace the Idea that You Can’t Be All Things to All People and That the Greatest Privilege in Life is Being Exactly Who You Are…”
  2. “Like Everything Great, It’s Starts with Generosity.”
  3. Quit doing the work that’s assigned…Start doing the work that’s required…The Human Work..
  4. Rule #1, Services and Experiences are not the Same Thing.
  5. “The Predominant Economic Offering Isn’t The Good or Service, it’s How The Business Makes the Customer Feel…”
  6. The Experience Economy is Not about “Best Practices,” It’s more about “Best Principles…”
    1. Services and Experiences aren’t the same thing.
    2. It’s about creating time well spent.
  7. Identify an area where your customer has to sacrifice to be your customer, something painful…like paperwork..
  8. Who needs to go to another review meeting(update call…)?? They shouldn’t be review meetings, they should be events.  And it shouldn’t be about the numbers, that’s gotta be a part of it, but it should be about where we are trying to go, etc. etc.
  9. Markets of One; It’s not mass production, its mass customization
  10. I shun the non believers, I want them to get help, so read my blog, you’ll get it there for free..
  11. The 7 questions I wish you would ask me…
    1. How do I attract more people to my practice? Answer…by asking a better question than that…
    2. The Advisors you most want to work with…what do they want to talk about?  They Don’t Want to Talk About Your Fund..
  12. I would never talk about money, the details, in the conference room.
  13. Imagine if your meetings were 15 minutes long when presenting to a group.  5 minutes on, then 5 minutes on an idea that would help everyone in the room and even people that aren’t in the room..
  14. Get a subscription to executive summaries
  15. Final 3 Questions to ask: 
    1. What do I really do?
    2. For whom?
    3. What Change does your work help create within my client?
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