The Awkward Silence Podcast
Episode 3

Accessing the Healing Power of Nature with Dr. Nancy Welliver, ND

Aron Choi published on

Dr. Nancy Welliver, ND has been a licensed naturopathic physician for over 25 years and teaches her patients and students how to access the healing power of nature. 

"My work with people over the decades has taught me that the greatest pathology, at least of Western civilization, is that people have no idea how wonderful they are. They have lost their self-regard."

We discuss:

- Why Nancy was sued for making a man impotent at the age of 19

- How she was a "medical miracle" when she was able to put her lupus diagnosis into remission

- What the healing power of nature actually means biologically

- How disease is an adaptation, not the enemy

- The importance of nourishing ourselves on all levels to create the conditions for health and healing

- Why the greatest pathology is that people have no idea how wonderful they are

- The foundation of health is ordnung aka life balance and how to achieve it

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