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Episode 17

An Integrative Approach to Women's Hormones - Bio-identical HRT, and Breast Cancer with Dr. Tara Scott, MD - The Hormone Guru for Successful Women

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Today’s guest is Dr. Tara Scott, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Revitalize Medical Group. She’s been called the Hormone Guru for Successful Women. 

She uses evidence-based practices to help her patients conquer chronic wellness issues.

She recently "retired" as an OB/GYN after almost 20 years to focus on functional and integrative medicine. She is an Associate Clinical Professor at Northeast Ohio Medical University, where she teaches residents and is involved in clinical research.

Dr. Scott is a certified menopause practitioner. 

Dr. Scott is passionate about educating the medical community on the advances in evidence-based hormone therapy. She lectures throughout her community to raise awareness about wellness and hormone balance. She recently got appointed as Medical Director for Summa Health in Akron, OH where she will develop and run and Integrative Medicine program. 


- How Dr. Tara went from OB/GYN surgeon to integrative practitioner

- Individualized bioidentical hormones and how to balance hormones

- Myths arond hormone replacement and heart disease in women

- Thinking about PCOS differently

- Breast cancer risk, treatment, and remission

- Different testing for hormones and different between blood (serum), urine, and saliva testing.

Learn more Dr. Tara Scott, MD:

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YouTube- Tara Scott MD

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