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Episode 18

Eat Food That Loves You Back with Celine Anelone Brozovich, Founder of Dances with Foods

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Celine Analone Brozovich - Founder and creator Dances with Food, a health and productivity company on a mission is to turn the statement "employees are the #1 resource" into a win-win for employers and employees. She formerly worked as Director of Customer Success for McKesson, a fortune 10 company. Now she is dedicated to helping others love themselves through lifestyle medicine and whole foods, plant-rich nutrition.. 


01:10: Celine's origin story from corporate standout to burnout, high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and weight gain.


04:20: How Celine coped with the early signs of depression by becoming a workaholic…and how it made it harder and harder to deal with it.

06:45: How quality of food played a part in the depression and how she learned how to get depression under control.

08:00: Celine’s journey into food and health

10:00: Whole Food Plant Rich nutrition, not a specific “diet”

11:18: Why health is a lifestyle, not a sprint. Find what works for YOU.

12:00: How to create sustainable habits around what you eat

14:00: At the end of the day, it is not about perfection, but progress

15:00: The Pleasure Trap by Dr. Alan Goldhamer and Douglas Lisle

See Dr. Lisle’s TEDx talk:

17:00: You don’t have to be a chef to make food tasty or quick

20:00: How Celine applied principles of change management and experiential learning to help her clients develop healthy habits

21:30: Why health and productivity are linked. Poor health decreases productivity by 46%. 80% of doctors’ visits are for chronic disease and these diseases are preventable and reversible by healthy lifestyle

24:00: Health must be part of a company’s strategic initiatives and middle management must be on board

27:00: Presenteeism includes being physically present and mentally present

28:00: Many of are “knowledge workers” and we need a sharp mind to solve problems in our work

30:10: Celine’s views on “diets” vs. lifestyle…and why lifestyle is forever and by eating well, your micriobiome and body will be healthy

32:00: How you drink your water has a big impact on your health

33:25: How Celine works with her clients

36:20: What it means to be healthy—freedom. Understand your “why” and why it is so important.

38:05: Eat food that loves you back! Love yourself!

Where to find Celine:

(404) 307-3908

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