The Awkward Silence Podcast
Episode 7

How to Have the Courage to Solve Big Problems and Never Settle with Dr. Ben Lynch, ND

Aron Choi published on

Dr. Ben Lynch is a mentor and friend. He is a naturopathic physician, entrepreneur, and a man on a mission to bring together medical practitioners of all types and helping people overcome genetic dysfunction through diet and lifestyle. He is helping us understand that our genes are not our necessarily our destiny. He is the author of Dirty Genes--A breakthrough program to treat the root cause of illness and optimize your health. Dr. Lynch enjoys outdoor activities and vacations with family, and continuous learning. We discuss how he was almost kicked out of medical school for speaking up, why having a goal just to make money is not enough, and why his mission gives him the strength to keep going despite failure and setbacks. Learn more about Dr. Lynch -


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