The Awkward Silence Podcast
Episode 12

Infrared Therapy for Safe, Efficient Detoxification in a Toxic World with Dee Alams of City Sweats

Aron Choi published on

Sauna is one of the body’s most powerful and effective ways to remove toxins that accumulate in our body and improve multiple body systems in a truly holistic way. 

That is why I’m excited for today’s conversation with Dee Alams, the founder of City Sweats--Seattle’s first infrared therapy wellness spa. City Sweats offers a range of services to improve cellular level health from infrared saunas, lymphatic drainage, rehabilitative massage, and ultrasonic cavitation, all of which tap into the body’s own ability to heal. 

Dee made the leap from a corporate career to opening her own fitness studio and eventually fulfilling her dream of making infrared therapy accessible and convenient with the creation of City Sweats. 

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  • When did Dee know that the world needed City Sweats and how her own hearling journey inspired her to create this business
  • How infrared therapy can help people ranging from stress, athletes, cancer, Lyme's disease, pain, and proactive wellness
  • How Dee left a great career to create a brand new business
  • How she had to set the naysayers aside to remove doubt from her mind and have faith in her idea
  • How Dee's challenges created opportunites that shaped her to become the successful business owner she is today
  • Creating a safe, welcoming experience for customers
  • The benefits of Infrared Sauna versus steam or dry sauna


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