The Awkward Silence Podcast
Episode 19

Podcast: The Evolution of Medicine - Lifestyle Medicine and Keeping It Simple - A Conversation with Aron Choi, ND and Sachin Patel

Aron Choi published on

In this interview, my mentor and friend, Sachin Patel, interviews me on my story and how I work with my clients to empower them with the mindsets and habits that will keep them healthy for a life time. 

We cover:

  • [2:20] How my life was on autopilot until got the wake up call to do something more meaningful
  • [6:08] Why diet is important but only one part of health and the evolution of how I think about health
  • [8:00] The most common "A-Ha" that clients get when we work together
  • [10:00] Expected...and unexpected results when on the Metabolic Reset
  • [13:08] Health is a game that you keep playing
  • [14:40] Why naturopathic medicine is about tapping into the body's natural ability to thrive and be healthy
  • [17:00] There is no one-size fits all...and how I avoid cookie-cutter approaches
  • [19:45] Why lab testing is one tool but self-experimentation can be a viable alternative that makes testing unnecessary
  • [23:40] Why lifestyle is the greatest investment in your health and is actually easier and less expensive compared to treating a problem
  • [27:45] Health is your wealth...and why the future of medicine is taking ownership of your health



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