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Intermission 3.1: Wendy's and Character Development

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 Banyo - (n) rest room

 The Banyo Podcast tries to give some fascinating insights made by Carl Aquino, novelist and poet, but fails miserably. Episodes may contain topics that may interest Carl but would bore other people to death.

 It is initially recorded in Carl's bathroom. Expect incessant ramblings and nonsense.

This is another third intermission episode. The episode contained two topics about a certain fast food restaurant and the creation of different characters. Episode topics suggested by Pau Lucero and Shannon Shibbies.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

  1. Casa Bossa Nova
  2. Darxieland
  3. Doobly Doo
  4. Lively Limpsucker
  5. March of the Spoons
  6. The Show Must Be Go 
  7. Two Finger Johnny
  8. Vivacity
  9. Hyperfun

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