The Banyo Podcast

Season 2 Episode 3: Poetry

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 Banyo - (n) rest room

In the second season, The Banyo Podcast tries to present different short stories from different writers but fails miserably. Episodes may contain stories and tales of wonder and amazement.

 It is initially recorded in Carl's bathroom. Expect incessant readings and other tales.

This is the third episode of the 2nd season. The episode features the poems written by Gabrielle Isaac. Find out more of their work at

Background music:

  1. Pain Pt. 2 - First Lady
  2. The Last to Say (Instrumental) - Atmosphere
  3. You, Yourself and the Main Character - Komiku
  4. Love After Midnight - Lobo Loco
  5. La Tapa Improvisada - Circus Marcus
  6. Perdue No. 4 - Barryvan
  7. Modern Jazz Samba - Kevin MacLeod

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