The Beer Does The Talking
Episode 4

Meat, It Goes Great With Beer!

Peter Klugiewicz published on

Hello again, on this episode of Lets GO Try A Flight, I'm joined with Nick Vorpagel from Lake Geneva Meats.  This little Gem of a Meat store has a wonderful back story held within the family for three generation!  Located in historic Lake Geneva Wisconsin, we stayed late within the meat shop and set up our glasses.  Mesmoriesed by every type of steaks, brats, ground beef, poultry, and many more we tipped our glasses to Schells Hefewiezen a classic from this classic brewery second oldest in America, another from Schells, from the Noble Star collection,  Galactic Collision.  This beer is very light and easy to drink, more for those who dont like beer.  This had some great suprises, I personaly enjoyed the fine cypress tanks after taste. was amazing! finally we ended our night with a double IPA from  Half Acre called Deep Space.  If your looking for an easy double that wont pucker your lips this is the one for you.  St back, relax, and enjoy some meat talk and beer!

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