The Beer Does The Talking
Episode 6

Namaste my Peeps!

Peter Klugiewicz published on

Well, here we are with another episode.   I am joined with Michelle Jordan the owner, operator, and instructor at Vessel Yoga and Massage in Twin Lakes WI. In this episode we talked about her journey with yoga, and how yoga is a very positive and outlook toward life.  She was not a participant with sampling a new craft beer this week, and that’s perfectly fine, means more beer for me….I’m kidding folks.  Today’s beer of the episode is from Terrapin Beer Co. The HI-5 IPA .  The brewery is located in Athens GA. And the taste is smooth.  The citrus flavor rolls off your tongue just like a 6 foot pipeline wave.  The ABV is 5.9% and I believe I stated 6% in the podcast.  Jut correcting myself.  I do apologies for not talking more about beer but I did want to focus on my interesting guest this week. Also i noticed a lot of mic noise with moving around please try your best to block it out. I did the best i could with editing adn still learning.  So, sit back relax and don’t forget to open a nice frothy one.

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