The Better Man Master Plan
Episode 3

Former Footballer Turns White Collar Boxer At 45 Years Of Age

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Join Former League of Ireland footballer Val Keenan as he shares his journey from football to coaching to the boxing ring!

For 20-30 years, Val had dedicated 5-6 days a week to training for soccer, so he could give his best for his team, manager and his teammates. But what happens these players when they call it a day?

Val describes how his pursuit of a new challenge brought him into a Taekwondo class for 4 years to entering a boxing ring for a white collar boxing matching at 45 years of age. He says it was the biggest adrenaline rush he's ever experienced but he was inspired by the challenge!

He shares his thoughts on coaching and how men over 40 can regain their health and start making time for themselves again. 


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