The Better Man Master Plan
Episode 2

Transformation From Karate Kid To Super Hero Body At 46

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Meet Rob Thurston, at 46, he's 2 weeks from competing in the over 40s UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) mens physique in his hometown, Leicester.

This is only Rob's second year competing. Like most guys as they get older, challenges of time and injuries received from their previous sports got Rob to look for another outlet in terms of training and fitness. He chose the gym. It's time efficient and he's not dependent on teammates schedules and life demands.

Rob shares some pearls of wisdom, how an unexpected change in career, at 45, brought about by a takeover of the company he worked for, threw up an opportunity to pursue his passion, to open his own gym in Leicester.

Running a gym with 600 members, being sales manager for Inbody (a body composition measurement system) in the UK, husband, and also competing in the aesthethics over 40's category of body building throws up some challenges in time and organisation.

Listen in as Rob shares his quality solutions that you can implement into your life.



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