The Better Man Master Plan
Episode 4

When Bad Things Happen to a Martial Arts World Champion

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Ken Keating, current WOMAA World Organisation Martial Arts Athletes self defence champion and 7th Dan instructor shares some great lessons on how at 53, his own personal goal after 37 years working on his craft is to become a better student which will assist him in becoming a better instructor. His philosophy and love for his sport / art is transparent and he shares some tips for guys to be fit over 40 and to empower their health again and also to parents on how to build your kid's confidence to stand up and say no to bullying.

Just like any sport, it comes with it's challenges and Ken shares some insight into how he's dealing with a serious hip injury, and how when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Ken is a passionate teacher and an inspirational figure to be around, so enjoy the learnings from the martial arts world with your instructor, Ken.

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