The BibBle

Episode 5

Chapter 5; Oh Lord, Why Does Thou Not Page Me

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Welcome once again to The BibBle.

This week I am joined by Rebecca, Hannah, Tom and Tom, and we discuss such things as; Films films and more films, did cavemen use Whatsapp? Were people with the Plague just drama queens? The loopholes and clauses of time travel, 3ft big spiders F That! The dinosaurs were only around for 100 years right? And how did they tell time? Media Scaremongering, we sway wildly off topic thats the glory of The BibBle, we think Tom might be going crazy, Oh have we mentioned films before? Our modern attachment to our phones, who remembers pagers? Toms boss does the last man on the planet to have one, whos more powerful HeMan or Superman? And whos more arrogant Jesus or Kanye West? Oh and dont forget to rape and review us on iTunes.

Until next time

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