The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 150

A Black Eye In Your Kneecap

Jason Curtman published on

George Harrison Played a Aprank on Phil Collins.
Burritos aren't supposed to crunch.
Buying Hat's in Old Mesilla.  The Double Eagle Restaurant. It gets HOT in Arizona!  
My Barber joke!  People are not getting their 2nd shot. People were put in a cave for 40 days with no sunlight or clocks.  The results were amazing.  Women do not want Daredevil boyfriends. Women who appreciate gopher getters.  Is your car your friend?  Have you named your car?  Strange stories. Weird things people do in their cars. Table manners we were taught.  People lie on their first dates.  More diabetic diet tips and hints. Sugar blockers.

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