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A Sad Day In Southern New Mexico

Jason Curtman published on

Our community was shaken this morning when local police officer was shot and killed.  Officer Clint Corvinus.  

I delve into the men and one woman who not only impacted my decision to go into law enforcement and some that I came to know that sacrifices to serve their communities.

They always knew they could be 
They never thought they would be 
God knows none ever should be 
Killed in the line of duty

Some made their final stand 
Their profession’s last demand 
They fell with gun in hand 
Killed in the line duty

A routine to many a cop 
Some made one final stop 
Someone’s Mom or Pop 
Killed in the line of duty

Others answered one last call 
To a robbery, theft, or brawl 
They arrived only to fall 
Killed in the line of duty

Some were dressed in brown, some blue 
Some in gray, and plain clothes too 
Some were dressed like me and you 
Killed in the line of duty

May their souls be forever blessed 
For they who are now at rest 
Died doing what they loved best 
Killed in the line of duty

Forgotten they never could be 
Forgotten they never should be 
Thought they never would be 
Killed in the line of duty

God bless all those who fell 
They are missed and loved so well 
Let us pray and toll the bell 
Those killed in the line of duty

About the author

Lt. Dan Marcou retired as a highly decorated police lieutenant and SWAT Commander with 33 years of full time law enforcement experience. He is a nationally recognized police trainer in many police disciplines and is a Master Trainer in the State of Wisconsin. He has authored three novels The Calling: The Making of a Veteran Cop S.W.A.T. Blue Knights in Black Armor, and Nobody's Heroes.

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