The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 9242016

Backyard Mechanics, The Pizza Hotline, And - What Is Cool?

Jason Curtman published on

Jim and I talk about the importance of knowing a good backyard mechanic. Our quotes of the day (good stuff)!

We talk about our favorite motivational man - Zig Ziglar.

Your networks - the three levels and how they can change.

An ethical situation question....What would you do?

What exactly is "Cool?"

Spousal "Don'ts" - Did I spell that right?

Tattoos ....  From one regret to another.  Get your own laser tattoo removal system for under $40 - Followed by a short discussion about tattoos.

App reviews for the week:  Useful Knots Wunderground, Words with Friends, and Whitenoise.

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  • Joseph Martin III

    That was a great show. Keep um coming! Thinking about the "COOL" portion of the show, two things come to mind immediately. Fonzie and Snoopy aka "Joe Cool". Both very Iconic.