The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 10222016

Give The Man A Lady In The Balcony!

Jason Curtman published on

Dealing with Diabetes.

How to get coupon text deals for some of your favorite restaurants





An easy way to save money!  Literally - How to save money and put it in your account!

Salted peanuts mixed with candy corn.

Ok...but you have to put on hi-heels first!

Lessons learned - Things are not always what they seem.

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  • Joseph Martin III

    Another great show. It was kind of funny, we were listening to the show downloaded to my smart phone on the way back from Ohio. We had used our free 6 inch Subway coupon via the smart phone and were eating the subs while you started talking about that coupon and Subway. Almost as if it was a bit prophetic. ;) Keep the shows coming!

    Jim, oops another typo, Joe, That Guy, Martin.... :)