The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 3112017

Gopher Appreciation

Jason Curtman published on

A few prizes ordered
Great quotes & Trivia
Illegal Immigration
The Nobel Peace Prize...Trump
A day without a women...
A good deed - the little boy, his sister, and the stolen windchime
A woman should appreciate any man who offers to get her a gopher.
Hitler's phone
UPS - No Left Turns???
West Virginia Strange Laws
What would you prefer a ZA (Zombie Apocolyps) or an EMP?

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  • Joseph Martin III

    Okay, I have the app on Google Play Store, or as it is now called, Play Store, but to find it, you must include the Quotation Marks [ "Historical Points of Interest" ] or you can search by my name
    [ Joseph H. Martin III ]. Either way you can find it that way. I had emailed the support team and they said it is too new of an app to show up with those words alone but if I include the quotation marks, it looks for the title of the apps only and it finds it.

    Or here is the direct link: