The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 10012016

I Knew Jimmy Buffett, Mark Twain, And You Are No Jimmy Buffett!

Jason Curtman published on

What's the new craze?  Words With Friends...thanks, Buffy!

App review for the week:  Google Translate and did you know Pokemon Go has fallen from #1 to #60?

Our culture and manners.

It's true.  I am inconsistent....but not all of the time.

How to get a few hearty amens and a few lost friends.

Hillary Clinton...the Magic 8 Ball of politics.  Ask her a question, shake her, and see what lies surface.

Buying on EBay!

The note found in a bottle lost at sea after 98 years!

Are more riots to come...on a "huge" scale?

Netflix Movies...The Man Who Killed Richard III   &   To Kill A Mocking Bird  (How this inspired Superman)

Jim and I discuss racial issues...I bring about a stupid concept (yet my idea) that descendants of slaves should pay reparations.  There was a cost for us to eliminate the British institution of slavery.  It's just to prove how stupid both concepts are.

Escargot at WAL-MART!!!!


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  • Joseph Martin III

    Each show keeps getting better. I'm loving it!!! And that is not Inconceivable!!!

    Your Favorite Fan, "THAT GUY!"