The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 2252017

Keep Your Coins Out Of Your Ears!

Jason Curtman published on

The Local Indivisible Group - Chickens!
Quotes & Trivia
It is the media's job to control what we think - by their own admission!
Dispute - We are NOT all immigrants!
The word illegal - is an adjective.
Having children does not give you a get out of jail card.
George Takei - The Whiny Liberal
Nobody hacked our election
Keep your coins out of your ears!



12 ounces fresh horseradish root*, peeled, rinsed, and cut into 2-in. chunks
1 cup chopped peeled beet
3/4 cup good-quality apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt


In a food processor fitted with the coarse shredding blade, shred horseradish. Change to metal S-shaped blade and whirl horseradish to mince. Add beet; whirl to mince. Add vinegar, sugar, and salt and blend until smooth. Scrape into a bowl, cover, and chill airtight until serving.

Stupid petition to change firearms targets in the color black.

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