The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 12172016

Let's See If This Bulletproof Vest Works!

Jason Curtman published on

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Jim Opens his soap and enthusiastically starts sniffing
Alamogordo Crime Alert
Brian Williams doesn't like fake news!  HAHAHAHA!
What is the Nickel Soda Pop?
Two Movie Reviews from NetFlix: Compulsion and Call Northside 777
Quotes Of The Week & Who Said it?
The Mark of The Beast
Texas Attorney General warns a school to put a Christmas poster back up!
Reported that Macy's no longer donates to Planned Parenthood
Trump is looking for an Embassy Jerusalem.
The Electoral College and government regulation.
Right to Live
Good Deed of The Week:  11 Year Old Boy
New Mexico Strange But True Fact
Strange Law: Carrizozo, NM
Let's See If This Bullet Proof Vest Works!
Apps of the week!

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