The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 10082016

My Uncle Made Hooch Cake!

Jason Curtman published on

Jim is doing better than I deserve!
Joe sends us an Inconceivable comment!
Losing your keys.
Apps of the week,  finding stuff and losing stuff (Clean up your memory)
Judging a Chili Cook-Off
Artwork from the Nelson Daughter!
Quotes of the week - A Jim Nelson Original,  Jason,  well he mentions clouds and slinkys!
Trying to connect with an old friend on FB..."I'm sorry, I don't know you!"
The Del-Taco Review from the Gravy Man!
Shaking the couch for change!
Donald Trump gets a free ride...sort of.
Dill dip and rye bread!
How to kill a fly while scrambling eggs...or should I say how not to!
Apparently I didn't need any more mashed potatoes! 
How to make my uncles "Hooch" Cake!

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