The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 11122016

No, These Are Wax Lips

Jason Curtman published on

The Contest:  Win a Roku or Omaha Steak Hamburgers!

Shout out to Austin!

Quotes of the week and "Who Said?"

So you want to move to Canada? 

Another Clinton In Congress?

Build your own smoker!

The Super Moon!

Things cops say

Apps:  Prism (Photo Editing)  Ultra-Enlarger (For the semi-blind, like Jason!)

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  • Joseph Martin III

    Big Smiles, of course Ann and I are listening. We were not able to get to this weeks show until Monday night but it was an awesome episode.

    I have to agree that President Elect Trump is the light at the end of the tunnel. When I was a kid growing up, I used to be the most patriotic individual I knew. As I grew older and started to realize that our Country was slowing becoming a dictatorship, I began to despise it. Now, I so look forward to having a man in office who is not afraid to give the country back to the people. He has my total support!

    Message to James, congrats on the belt advancements. I look forward to seeing your test for black belt. I will be there.

    Keep the shows coming and we will keep listening.

    Joe "That Guy" Martin

  • Joseph Martin III

    I thought this YouTube video would be fitting for the show.

  • Jason Curtman

    That is awesome, thanks!