The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 10292016

Psycho Grins & Subservient Chickens

Jason Curtman published on

Jim does some impressions.
Abraham Lincoln, "Then I, Sir, shall be his friend."
Give your smile to the one's you love.
The social experiment that I did in the airport using psycho grins.
A strange elevator experience.
Go ask Jason how his grandmother roller skates.
Riding with comedians in cars (The Jim & Jason version)
The universe dictates mandatory Princes Bride references.
Voting Machines in Texas are cheating!
Is voter fraud / election rigging treason?
Veterans getting a sign on bonus 10 years ago and now they are asked to pay it back!
Things that did not exist the last time the Cubs were in the World Series!
Chia Pets!  
The subservient chicken
When switchblade combs were cool!
Would you eat egg shells?
Apps of the week - Zen Koi, Scanlife, & Periscope

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  • Ann Martin

  • Ann Martin

    Loved the title this week! Great show!!! However I personally find mandatory Princess Bride references inconceivable, as well as very irritating, lol.