The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 61

Sixty-nine Year Hiccups

Jason Curtman published on

Trivia, Chicken Jokes, Hobbies that are interesting but expensive,  Jim's survival skills, good deed of the week - the barber, Bad service and tipping,  stupid laws, strange facts, the hiccup workout, The ice cream licker facing criminal charges.

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  • You wont believe this, but we just got home from from a trip to the woods. I took my 3 boys into the State Forest with the intentions of getting lost to test their internal compass which they do have I am proud to say. But getting home and listening to this tonight was funny as that was one of the main topics.
    Another great show!
    Thanks and keep up the great work!
    Joe, That Guy Martin

  • Jason Curtman

    That is awesome...Glad you enjoyed the program!