The Biscuits & Gravy Show
Episode 59

The Lawn Mower On Pontoons

Jason Curtman published on

Talking about our new chat room!!!  I Am The One Who Knocks!  Ham & Beans with cornbread! Turning the other cheek and forgiving 70 X 7! Cluck Norris,...the winner!  Ruber Chicken Names! Tom Bodett and Elvis Presley?  Quotes! People with NO Personality.  Current Events...where were you when...  Good Deeds, Stupid Laws! Places near you that you can visit! Kirk In The Hills. Planned Parenthood defunded by $60,000,000.  Media is the enemy! Some trivia!  Camels in Arizona!  

We now have Jim's microphone fixed for next week!!!! Yay!

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